Guidance and growth tailored to your needs

Running a successful business and having time for family dinners? At FCPC we work with you to develop an achievable vision for growth, success, and balance. With three packages to choose from, we have something for your business at whatever stage you find yourself in.

Anyone who owns and operates a business in Calgary knows that creating strong networks is essential. Business changes quickly in this city. When times are good, you need to plan for when times are lean.

At FCPC, we’ve had the privilege of working with great businesses and growing our own. From corporate to small business and sole-proprietors, we want to share that expertise with you. And that’s what our strategic advisory services do.

We can help you grow your business and thrive:

  • Define and achieve your growth milestones
  • Access cash flow and profit forecasting
  • Develop long and short-term business plans
  • Join a network of service professionals 
  • Raise capital and create effective budgets
  • Manage and balance your most precious resources: time and relationships

For a full list of possible services, see our package options below. And, book your FREE consultation today!


Our Strategic Advisory Services

Build a thriving, agile business and be equipped with the tools and knowledge you need to respond to the 21st-century economy. FCPC Group helps you develop the networks and skills you need to get there. Access our advisory expertise today.