Accounting, Business Advisory, and Trust and Estate services that meet your needs

We offer a full range of services for business owners and individuals, using the best in intuitive accounting software. From advisory to personal and corporate taxes, we’re a Calgary-based accounting firm that always meets you where you’re at.

In our experience, individuals and businesses that understand and are mindful of their finances are less stressed.

Understanding Canadian tax laws, growing a business, and planning for your future…it’s complicated. But, you’re not alone if you struggle to understand your finances. And, you don’t have to figure it out by yourself.

With a range of packages, mobile meeting options, a proven record of exceptional client service, and a complimentary consultation…what do you have to lose?

At FCPC, we engage our broad experience, networks, and welcoming culture to ease your stresses. As your accountants, business advisors, and estate planners, we don’t just manage your money—we tailor our services to your needs, educating and advocating for you every step of the way.

Our Services

Click on a category below to learn more about FCPC’s boutique accounting, business advisory, and trust and estate services.

Business Advisory

Running a successful business and having time for family dinners? At FCPC we work with you to develop an achievable vision for growth, success, and balance. With three packages to choose from, we have something for your business at whatever stage you find yourself in.

Business and Corporate Taxes

There’s no need to be confused or stressed about your business taxes when you’ve got FCPC on your side. Acting as your accountant or external CFO, we serve Calgary businesses with excellence and pride—building caring and professional relationships that last.

Personal Taxes

If it were straight forward, you’d go to the other guys. At FCPC we work with all your investments and financial obligations, turning complex tax situations into something understandable and manageable.

Trust and Estate Planning & Management

From the initial paperwork to the closing certification, we’re here to help you through the whole process.

At FCPC Group, we offer a comprehensive suite of accounting services:

Expert & Trusted Advisory – We offer services that will optimize your business through our team’s diverse expertise and extensive managerial experience, that are matched by our respectful, friendly and focused approach.

Managerial Resources – We provide insightful, advanced and up-to-date reporting and financial tools to support key management and business decisions.

Tax Planning – We work with you as your trusted advisor in conducting an analytical review of your tax returns, comprehensive tax planning and forecasting.

Cash Flow Management – We implement processes to track incoming and outgoing cash, so you have the financial resources to help your business grow.

Active Bookkeeping Systems – We provide accounting tools that supply real-time data, so you can interpret and measure business results and targets.

Profit Improvement – Through consultation, we identify opportunities such as, gross profit, labour efficiency and top line growth.

Succession Planning – Whether you choose to sell or transfer your business, we work towards a seamless transition plan that secures your most valuable assets and maximizes net proceeds.

Retirement & Estate Planning – We work with your financial and wealth management advisors to ensure you reach your goals.