When you work with us, your business will be healthier

Being a Health Professional and a business owner is rewarding and time-consuming. At FCPC we work with you to streamline and educate, making sure that your business is as healthy as you want your patients and clients to be.

You’re a health service provider and a business owner

There are lots of reasons why you opened your own practice.

For some Health Professionals, it’s about having a more personal relationship with their clients. For others, it’s about putting your personal wellness philosophy above institutional bureaucracy. And for others still, it was never a choice, just something you had to do.

Whatever your reasons, you’re driven by your mission to help people find complete health and personal wellness.

At FCPC Group, we know that your passion for health and wellness is something that you worked hard to achieve. And that the credentials that came with your studies…well, they didn’t necessarily include running a business.

And that’s where we can help.

You know the body and mind, we know accounting and business. Together we can help you run a successful practice, so you can help your patients and clients live a healthy life.

For Health Professionals who insist on working with professional accountants and business advisors

We’re an accounting firm and business advisory that serves Health Professionals across disciplines. Able to recognize, respond to, and address your business challenges while respecting your unique responsibilities to your patients and clients.

Our accounting and strategic business advisory services can help you:

  • Understand and ensure Canadian tax compliance
  • Manage your cash flow
  • Access professional business forecasting
  • Develop realistic and reasonable budgets
  • Plan for your future, family and business—year-round
  • Save you time and money with virtual meetings and on-site visits
Friendly, personal approach

“Their extended knowledge was conveyed to me in a manner that was easily understood...very proactive and supportive of my business requirements”
~ Christine M.

You’ve invested in providing best-in-care for your patients and clients. At FCPC Group, we’re here to help you invest in your business with year-round accounting and business advisory expertise