TFSA: Carrying on a Business Within It 

Earnings in a TFSA are typically not taxable. However, earnings in a TFSA become taxable when they are earned from carrying on a securities trading business.  In a February 6, 2023 Tax Court of Canada case, CRA had assessed the TFSA on the basis that it was carrying on a business and was therefore taxableYour Read More Link Text

Budget 2023: Top Five Items for Owner-Managers 

alt="Budget 2023"

Budget 2023 (A Made-in-Canada Plan: Strong Middle Class, Affordable Economy, Healthy Future) was introduced in the House of Commons on March 28, 2023. The top five changes that may impact individuals and owner-managed businesses are as follows:  Alternative minimum tax (AMT) – The AMT is an alternative method of calculating taxes that ensures that anYour Read More Link Text

Understanding FCPCs Role in Your Business

It is nerve-wracking to let someone else into your personal and business finances— even if that individual is a certified and highly-professional accountant. On one hand, you know you need their expert advice and support. But on the other, it sort of feels like an invasion of privacy.  This is where a boutique accounting firm canYour Read More Link Text

How do you find a great accountant?

Take a moment and evaluate why you’ve chosen to receive care or services from your physician, your dentist or your lawyer.  When you are seeking the help of professionals, you look for people who understand you and your circumstances; people who can relate to you and you can trust. Finding your ideal accountant is noYour Read More Link Text