Fay Chrisohou

CPA, Founder

No-nonsense and has your back.

We’ve all seen that person at a sporting event – the reserved middle-aged lady who almost disappears into the crowded stands. But then suddenly, she takes on her alter ego in the final heated moments of a game – screaming like a lunatic a battlecry for the underdog. You realize there’s more to this lady than you first estimated. If she’s on your side, having your back takes on something bigger, louder and more personal. There’s a fire under that conservative exterior.

Hi! I’m Fay Chrisohou, and I am that woman. I love live sporting events, and I am also the founder of FCPC Group.

When I see someone put in a good fight, it’s exciting. I want them to win. Their victory is even better if I’m blessed to work as their ally.

As a CPA I am hands-on. I start with compassion because the common thread in the entrepreneur story is struggle and stress. I speak in no-nonsense terms, with no judgement. Clients ditch stress, improve their cash position, and enjoy their lives.

I finally work directly with business owners to increase profit, but it didn’t start that way.

I lasted 15 years in the corporate world, and muzzling my outspoken personality to play politics was difficult. I was born and raised into small business as a daughter of Greek parents and restaurant owners who pushed my independence. I earned a business degree and my CPA, backpacked in Europe, vowing to never sleep in a hostel again. (I have a bigger travel budget now. Yay!)

Later joining a small firm I loved to be a mentor to clients who wanted to learn, and then I started FCPC Group.

But still something was missing.

I quickly observed gaps not served in my industry.

Firstly, humanity was lacking. Accountants are known for being like dry toast. Jokes aside, the client suffers from these quirks. Taking an “all business” approach to their clients to avoid personal topics causes accountants to miss half of their job. They usually suck at communication and dislike questions outside of black and white. They don’t understand their role in guiding growth, or the emotional toll when you’re financially out of control.

Secondly, I saw countless women – the spouses of male business owners – left in the dark about their family’s finances. Or worse, women business owners getting bulldozed by accountants giving cookie-cutter advice, and brushing off their frustration or questions. I decided I was best suited to helping women business owners – because they’re open to allies and mentoring support.

A turning point was in a meeting set up by a professional advisor for our mutual client. Her business would be impacted by her impending divorce. When the client spoke, she started to choke up and become emotional.

What happened next disturbed me.

As the tears were flowing – the advisor became agitated. He paced the room, stomping, and pressuring the client into a bad decision that benefitted him. She looked to me to calm things down, and I intervened. I suggested another option to benefit her. I vowed that I’d help her and others like her.

I’m a business person too – and I understand that juggling company and family goals is not easy. I have two daughters and a husband in our family household. Our girls will become independent women, which doesn’t mean they’ll be alone. Instead, they’ll need to keep every good ally they find, including the lady next to them, screaming in the stadium along with them.

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