Discover a simple secret to
bring your future and your dollars
into focus.

Hello business owner,

You’re a passionate expert and a busy entrepreneur working with clients, running a business, a family, and your personal life.

You spend your day rushing from one task to the next, but with only so many hours in the day, you feel like controlling your company’s cash has taken a back seat, even though you may be working harder than ever before, bringing in more money.

You want your money to pull its weight and work as hard as you do.

If you’re honest with yourself, your cash seems to have its own agenda, and if it were your employee, you’d make some corrections. You and the cash in your business need to patch up your struggles before one of you breaks.

There’s no substitute for a CPA – especially one who will be your empathetic mentor helping you increase your skills for better cash flow and assist to puzzle together the critical pieces of your life, business, and assets. I have been in your shoes – and now have a small and talented team prepared to help you change your direction.

Where your future, family, business, daily and long-term goals intersect, we help you build a smart plan to maximize cash.

We can help:
How would you describe your situation?

I want to reach bigger goals in my business and get better cash results.

I’m integrating business and life goals.

I am a modern business owner wearing many hats. I’m a parent, house manager, and partner at home and business. The lines between personal and business goals are intertwined and that’s okay. Please bring me efficiency and better results for both.

We suggest: you build a strategy with a profit mentor and the savvy insight of an affiliate CFO. She can take care of every aspect of your books and achieve more for less than the cost of a junior admin’s salary not equipped to solve or foresee complex problems.

My business is growing but I’m seeing less profit.

I own a business, and want to improve cash and profit. I need a trusted expert to lead me into the next level of my business.

We suggest: you build a strategy with a profit mentor and get the insight an expert can bring. Let’s make a plan together.

I’m starting up.

I am just starting out in business and need help setting up my books and accounting systems to track for success.

We suggest: bookkeeping, tax compliance, and tax advisory services. Get a profit guide to provide professional advice on your financial and growth matters.

My in-house admins are overburdened, and it’s time for an expert.

The magnitude of my business has increased, and the accounting work is getting more complex, critical and too great of a burden for myself and staff.

We suggest: Meet for a strategy session so this critically important area is handled capably and not left to chance. Get clear numbers and regular business mentorship not available from junior employees.

I’m a business owner with a one-time event.

I’m exiting a business.

I’m selling a business, retiring, or planning my estate or a succession strategy. I need to plan my steps with safeguards.

We suggest: Every situation is different, and it would be our pleasure to talk through this event provide a custom game plan.

I’m buying a business

Can someone take an objective look at this business opportunity? Are there red flags? How should I structure this deal?

We suggest: Complete your due diligence, discover hidden catches, tax implications, and mitigate your risks. A savvy second set of eyes from a CPA will help. But first a meeting.

I have a sudden cash windfall.

It’s a good problem, but I need help with a good problem to have, but I need help with an inheritance or proceeds from the sale of an asset. How do I proceed for my family situation, favorable tax results, and to achieve my goals.

We suggest: Get advice and options before you make a decision that can’t be undone

I have a mess and an emergency

Help – I started a five-alarm fire with my taxes and bookkeeping. I am behind on things and stressed out.

We suggest: Deep breaths, because you’re not alone. Most business owners have scrapes like this. Let’s talk through your situation.

I’m dealing with a personal event with financial implications.

Someone passed away.

As executor of an estate with assets and potentially complex variables, I’m accountable to others and don’t want to go through this alone or make regrettable mistakes. I need an objective expert to guide me.

We suggest: Avoid going it alone for too long. The responsibility, grief, and family dynamics can be complicated. Handling an estate needs a clear head and we can provide expertise and empathy. Get support and make better decisions as you work through necessary steps.

I’m divorcing or ending a relationship

I am moving on and restarting, but first must tie up loose ends. I need to make smart decisions on splitting my assets and investments for taxes and other factors.

We suggest: A quick chat to talk about things from a financial perspective and about the future you want. You’ll get an empathetic ear and actionable, practical steps to preserve assets and avoid tax blindspots.

I need to create a family trust

My financial advisor recommends creating a family trust for our unique circumstances, and I need the expertise of an accountant to accomplish my goals.

We suggest: Share your bigger picture with us, and allow an expert to create a holistic plan for your goals.

I need to file taxes

I’m done with DIY on my personal taxes and have more than a basic file with numerous variables.

We suggest: If your taxes involve complicated matters, you’re best to get a second opinion versus going it alone or remaining uninformed of proactive steps you can take.

I am a small business owner and need an experienced CPA to deal with Canada Revenue Agency.

We suggest: If you have a once-per-year tax event for business, chances are there’s also good reason to collaborate for other important matters. Why don’t we help consolidate home and business, or take a proactive approach to year-end compliance with CRA by viewing your books making smarter moves before its too late. Let’s talk about issues to resolve or financial results you desire. Get guidance for day-to-day efficiency and decisions for better cash flow.

I am planning my legacy and estate, and need help with administration and decisions that will have tax implications

We suggest: Align your assets and wealth so that you do not pay more than your fair share of taxes, and address family needs and future expenditures. Meet with our team today.

It’s something else...

Something else is happening, and I need an expert to weigh in on the financial repercussions and tax implications of a unique situation.

We suggest: If you’ve been referred to us, or want to get in touch, we can cover a lot of ground in an introductory meeting or direct you to another resource.

CPA services from an empathetic ally

Expert advisory

Your business made better. Optimize your business with advice from our diverse expertise and extensive managerial experience.

Tools and reports

Meaningful data reported. Make better decisions with insightful, advanced and up-to-date reporting and financial tools

Taxes for business, corporate or personal

Returns, planning, forecasting. Know your tax future and analyze and review of your returns with comprehensive tax planning and forecasting.

Profit growth

Track cash with an easy process. Capture resources to grow your business or pay yourself more. Boost top line growth and find opportunities for gross profit, labour efficiency and more.

Active cloud-based bookkeeping systems 

Real-time accounting. Get faster information with tools that supply real-time data to measure business results against targets.

Succession planning

Smooth transfer. Sell or transfer your business with a plan that secures assets and maximizes net proceeds.

Retirement and estate planning

Comfortable, secure, fun. Align your business assets with your wealth and investment manager’s advice to reach your goals.